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Faith To Live By
by Derek Prince. Derek Prince answers your questions about faith in this resource for every Chris..
by Derek Prince. God requires His people to humble themselves before Him, and has revealed a simp..
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Final Judgement
Final Judgement by Derek Prince This last of the foundation doctrines refers to God’s judgments i..
Foundational Truths In Christian Living
by Derek Prince. Using Hebrews 6:1 - 6:2 as a guide, Derek Prince unfolds in clear, simple langua..
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Founded on the Rock
Founded on the Rock by Derek Prince Scripture compares the Christian life to the construction of ..
Freedom From The Past And Freedom For The Future
by Derek Prince. Divided into three sections, the first deals with the problem of past hurts and ..
Gateway to God's Blessing
Gateway to God's Blessing by Derek Prince. The Bible says that the feat of the Lord is the "begin..
God Is A Matchmaker
God Is A Matchmaker by Derek Prince Choosing your mate is one of the most important decisions you..
God's Medicine Bottle
by Derek Prince. For those willing to follow its directions, God's ‘medicine bottle’ contains hea..
God's Plan For Your Money
God's Plan For Your Money by Derek Prince. Your attitude towards money reveals your attitude to ..
God's Remedy For Rejection
God's Remedy For Rejection by Derek Prince. Many of our generation's greatest problems - depressi..
God's Will for Your Life
by Derek Prince. There is a distinct difference between someone living a life of purpose and some..
God's Word Heals
God's Word Heals by Derek Prince Derek Prince shares exciting results from his own and others’ mi..
How To Fast Successfully
by Derek Prince. How long should I fast? How often? Should I abstain from food only, or also from..
Husbands And Fathers
by Derek Prince. Nothing a man does at work—or at church—makes up for what he doesn't do at home..
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